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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Math Worksheets

In your child's folder tonight you will find two math sheets stapled together.

I have to admit, I played a little trick on the kids today.

Both math sheets are over multi digit addition.
The top sheet has the problems already written out vertically, with nice big spaces and on graph paper.
The second sheet, the students needed to copy the problem down themselves and were responsible for copying correctly and lining up the digits correctly.

The problems on both sheets were exactly the same.

Almost every single student found that he or she did better on that top sheet because the numbers were already there and properly lined up.

 ISTEP and other state tests this year are all computerized.  Students will always have to copy from their screen to paper. It is so important that they really take their time with these problems! We found that their errors were not with the addition part....it was the organization part.

Just a little experiment this morning and hopefully a lesson learned!

Friday, September 19, 2014

In Your Child's Folder...

LOTS of important papers in your child's folder today!

Progress reports went home this afternoon. Since I have only known your child a few days, this quarter is very general. Please contact me with further questions.

Reading Log - A new reading log went home today. It will be due next Friday.

Spelling - Information about our spelling curriculum went home on a blue sheet. Attached is your child's pre-test and their word list for next week.

Have a super weekend!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Day Back!

Whew! I did it!
It was so nice getting to meet all of my wonderful students today.

I think we had a good day. There will be alot of changing and adjusting going on....but I think after a few days we will have it all together.

Homework will ALWAYS be posted on the left column of this page. Please check it nightly.

This week, I think we will spend the time just getting used to each other and learning my rules and expectations. We are also going to get to know the MacBooks. We will be taking our STAR test on Thursday.

Somethings that I am trying to really reinforce are:
Behavior color. Your student absolutely WILL have their behavior color in their assignment book. I will also write down what color they ended their day on. So, if your student is forgetting, let me know ASAP and I can get them on track.
Bathroom Breaks/Nurse Passes - We talked today about taking advantage of these things today. Bathrooms are used during bathroom breaks and emergencies only. Nurse passes will only be used if a student is experiencing one of the 3 B's: Barfing, Bleeding or Broken.

Well, I am EXHAUSTED! Ready to do it all over again tomorrow!
Have a great night :-)
Email me with any questions.